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DRESSED UP LIKE NEBRASKA Limited Numbered 2 x 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 06 September 2019

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Run Out Groove


JOSH ROUSE DRESSED UP LIKE NEBRASKA Limited Gatefold Numbered 2 x 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set


Hailing from Oshkosh, Nebraska, indie folk/pop singer-songwriter` Josh Rouse began his recording career in Nashville in 1998. Josh started writing songs at the age of 18 and eventually settled in Nashville where he began recording. The initial recordings he put onto an 8-track recorder in his living room eventually became his debut album, Dressed Up Like Nebraska which ROG are issuing for the first time on vinyl and expanding it to a 2LP set that includes 4 bonus tracks.
Released in 1998, the album received critical acclaim from music writers/critics. Billboard wrote that it was “a dark horse beguiling record,” and “as pure and unpretentious as any singer/songwriter album issued this year. Critics praised the album , with CMJ complementing Rouse’s work calling it a “a strikingly poised debut brimming with graceful, evocative songs about regret and desire.” It received a four-star review from Allmusic, with James Chrispell describing it as “one of those classic discs one hears about, but seldom hears.”

Featured Tracks:


Side One

1. Suburban Sweetheart
2. Dressed Up Like Nebraska
3. Invisible
4. Late Night Conversation

Side Two

1. Flair
2. White Trash Period Of My Life
3. Simple Thing

LP 2

Side One

1. Woman Lost In Serious Problems
2. Lavina
3. Reminiscent

Side Two

1. Late Night Conversation (live)
2. Suburban Sweetheart (demo)
3. Flair (demo)
4. Cannot Talk (demo)