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Dream Chaos Limited Vinyl LP

by Wyldest

Release Date: 01 March 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Hand In Hive


Wyldest Dream Chaos Limited Vinyl LP


Dream Chaos is the debut album from Wyldest. The London trio blend synth-pop with shoegaze to create the unmistakable sound Zoe Mead has been honing since she started the project in 2014. Written, engineered and produced by Mead in the band's Greenwich studio and mixed by Still Corners' Greg Hughes, Dream Chaos is the result of Mead's frenetic imagination and relentless enthusiasm to her craft.

Featured Tracks:


1. Headrush
2. Rolling Waves
3. Slowdance / Mind Over Body
4. Reverse Tide
5. Alive


1. Gravity
2. Nocturnal
3. Lightweight
4. Quiet Violet
5. Barefoot