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Donovan Blanc Limited Vinyl LP

by Donovan Blanc

Release Date: 23 June 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Captured Tracks


Donovan Blanc Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

· Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab spent the years of 2011 - 2013 as full-blown pop junkies in a group called Honeydrum. Seeking ephemeral moments of truth and self-relevance, the two spent day after day on the third floor of a rundown building in a hole of a city in New Jersey, churning out what would become Honeydrum’s nine EPs. These releases stand as sonic manifestations of the two hook addicts’ pop addled brainwaves buried deep in blurry mires of fizz and fuzz.
· As with all growth both physical and metaphysical, the
inevitable mutation of their vision was governed by evolutionary laws beholden to no man. Atop a cloud of rich
vocal harmony, polished guitar arrangements, driving rhythmic momentum, angular meter and key changes and breathy Mellotron passages, Donovan Blanc, a post-human entity, began to appear. Incubated by the warm winds of spring and with a newfound focus and clarity, early versions of songs such as ‘Minha Menina’ and ‘Girlfriend’, rife with brown tones and muted sunshine, served as the foundation for Donovan Blanc’s debut self-titled album on Captured Tracks.
· ‘Donovan Blanc’ is the realization of a purified version of the duo’s work, fit for consumption by disciples of
technicolour baroque and singer-songwriter pop music. The record’s aim isn’t to evoke nostalgia but rather to recontextualize the familiar and foreign to create new
moments - some that are bold and exuberant and others that are reserved and melancholic.
· Donovan Blanc delivers a glimpse of the lush textures and
vivid colours of pop’s golden age through a modern lens.

Featured Tracks:
1. Girlfriend
2. Hungry a Long Time
3. So Make It Right
4. Without a Thing to Doubt
5. Is It Natural
6. Oh Donna
7. Veronica
8. Can't Wait to Meet You
9. Minha Menina
10. When You Believed Me
11. That Summer Ago
12. Traci Won't Wait