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Devouring Radiant Light Limited Blue Sparkle Vinyl LP

by Skeletonwitch

Release Date: 20 July 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Prosthetic Records

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Skeletonwitch Devouring Radiant Light Limited Blue Sparkle Vinyl LP

The 5th full length and first to feature vocalist Adam Clemans, who first made his mark with the 'Witch on 2016's The Apothic Gloom EP. Devouring Radiant Light picks up where that EP ended, mixing the classic blackened thrash attack with atmospheric, post rock soaring melodies. 2018 is the year to go off to the 'Witch.Like the previous full-length, this album was recorded by Converge guitarist and engineering deity Kurt Ballou (High on Fire, Kvelertak, Dillinger Escape Plan) at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. The band's rapport with Ballou provided the familiarity necessary to embrace uncharted creative territory. Melodeath genre architect Fredrik Nordstrom (Opeth, At the Gates) mixed the album at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden to massive results. The record was mastered by Brad Boatright of metallic hardcore greats From Ashes Rise at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, Oregon. Devouring Radiant Light is black metal. It is thrash metal. It is death metal. It is prog metal. It is doom metal. It is HEAVY METAL. Skeletonwitch have successfully ushered in a new era landing on "Sacred Soil."

Featured Tracks:
1. Fen of Shadows
2. When Paradise Fades
3. Temple of the Sun
4. Devouring Radiant Light
5. The Luminous Sky
6. The Vault
7. Carnarium Eternal
8. Sacred Soil