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Dereconstructed Limited Vinyl LP + MP3

by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fire

Release Date: 20 March 2023

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Sub Pop


Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires Dereconstructed Limited Vinyl LP + MP3

· Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Lee Bains III & The
Glory Fires make music for the foundry worker that writes
fiction in his spare time and the college English professor
that changes her own oil. The band are rough enough to put the amps on ten and soak a club in their own sweat, sharp enough to discuss the finer points of labor relations and international politics.
· On ‘Dereconstructed’, the band’s second album and their
first for Sub Pop, Lee and co. rip through ten striking
songs of urgent, Southern-by-way-of-punk rock; or, in the
words of Sub Pop boss man Jonathan Poneman, “authentic
gulf-coast choogle.” While The Glory Fires have a sound
that is unmistakably rooted in the 70s rock canon (think
Bob Seger System, The Faces, classic Southern boogie),
Dereconstructed is distinctly of the present. The guitars
are coated with thick, blown-out distortion, revealing the
band’s distinctly modern, punk leanings. Lee’s literary,
politically charged lyrics bring to mind Ronnie Van Zant
under the tutelage of Noam Chomsky.
· The Glory Fires’ explosive live show has ripped up clubs,
basements and theatres of the United States and Europe
for the past few years and their debut album, ‘There Is A
Bomb In Gilead’, was released in 2012 on Alive Natural-
Sound Records.
· ‘Dereconstructed’ was recorded by renowned rock ‘n’ roll
outsider Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13, The Monkeywrench) and mixed by Jeremy Ferguson at Battletapes in Nashville.
· LP format includes MP3 coupon.

Featured Tracks:
1. The Company Man
2. Dereconstructed
3. Burnpiles, Swimming Holes
4. The Kudzu and the Concrete
5. The Weeds Downtown
6. What's Good and Gone
7. We Dare Defend Our Rights
8. Flags!
9. Mississippi Bottomland
10. Dirt Track

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