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Circle Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Electro Deluxe

Release Date: 03 February 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Lux Music


Electro Deluxe Circle Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

ELECTRO DELUXE. Seven of the most sought-after musicians on the french musical scene. Since 2001, ELECTRO DELUXE have evolved from pioneers of electro-jazz to a energetic cocktail of dirty soul & funk with a touch of class. A reservoir of musical talent, and inspired by the mythical “Funk Brothers” of Motown lore, they are accomplished studio musicians for among others, Universal & Motown recording artists, Ben L’Oncle Soul and C2C, who have collaborated on their albums. At the heart of the groove scene and with the ability to cross-over into other genres, they
have enjoyed critical and commercial success in their home country of France with each of their previous albums topping the jazz charts in France while performing entirely in English, which has helped them build a strong following in the UK.

Featured Tracks:
All Alone
Keep My Baby Dancing
Oh No
Circle Of Life
Bad Boys On The Run
Cut All Ties
Eye For An Eye
Through My Veins