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Chain Tripping Limited Vinyl LP

by Yacht

Release Date: 20 September 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: DFA


Yacht Chain Tripping Limited Vinyl LP


Chain Tripping - the band's seventh LP and third for DFA -was recorded between Marfa, Texas and the band's home in Los Angeles. The ten songs are unlike anything YACHT has ever made: pop experiments from a sideways dimension coaxed into their studio through a portal opened by machine intelligence. "AI and Machine Learning represent a revolution in music equivalent to the introduction of the synthesizer or the beginning of laptop music. We've been a band long enough to watch technology overwrite our assumptions many times, and felt compelled to bring these new tools into our life," explains YACHT.

Featured Tracks:

(Downtown) Dancing
Hey Hey
Loud Light
Blue on Blue
Sad Money
California Dali
Stick it to the Station
Little Instant

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