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Burning on the Wings of Desire Limited Vinyl LP

by Blood Of The Sun

Release Date: 26 October 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Listenable Records


Blood Of The Sun Burning on the Wings of Desire Limited Vinyl LP


If the metal and sludge underground wasn't already stacked with a hundred cowbell-smacking, fuzz-bombing seventies rawk revivalists, BLOOD OF THE SUN certainly would've made a bigger impact upon the scene by now. A decade through and a series of lineup shuffles that looks on paper like a twisted game of Twister cast-outs, it's quite possible this amalgam of the Allmans, SKYNYRD, the Nuge, CACTUS, KISS, DEEP PURPLE, MOUNTAIN and the Winter brothers might finally reap a broader audience. They'll snag your attention with juicy nudity on the front and back of the packaging for their fourth album "Burning On the Wings of Desire", but there's far more than just T&A worship to this band. Rocking your stations with more than a few good feelings, "Burning On the Wings of Desire" is high on jack action and it will boogie your butt to death in only forty minutes.

Featured Tracks:

1. Let It Roll
2. Burning on the Wings of Desire
3. Can't Stop My Heart
4. Brings Me Down
5. Rock Your Station
6. Good Feeling
7. The Snitch
8. Good & Evil