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Blue Flame Limited Vinyl LP

by Jon Allen

Release Date: 18 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Monologue Records


Jon Allen Blue Flame Limited Vinyl LP

Jon Allen returns with a tonic for troubled times on new album, a soulful confection of feel-good tunes delivered with his inimitable whisky-soaked voice; w/ a Radio 2 playlist down, and a headline tour + a Dionne Warwick support tour on the way! From the infectious optimism of the Blue Flame's opening soul shuffle 'Jonah's Whale' (the album's first single) to the resolute 'Keep On Walking' and the poignant-yet-hopeful refrain of 'Better Day', Allen illuminates the common experiences of joy, love, loss and change, ultimately reminding us it is what we share that matters more than what divides us. Being married to a European himself, the polarising results of the referendum are even closer to his heart. 'I wrote this album to try and cheer myself up.' explains Allen. 'My three previous albums were much more downbeat, so I figured with this record we could all do with a pick-me-up!' Winchester-born Allen was originally discovered by Mark Knopfler in 2006 (who later offered to play guitar for him), but it was the single 'In Your Light' from Allen's 2009 debut album Dead Man's Suit that landed him a coveted spot on "Later…with Jools Holland". 'Deep River', Allen's last album, released in 2014, received the best reviews of his career to-date from the UK's national press and was made BBC Radio 2's 'Album of The Week'. After his UK tour to promote 'Deep River', Jon to a break to write songs with and for other artists, while also writing music for films. While all Jon's previous albums contained soulful elements, 'Blue Flame' represents his first out-and-out soul record.

Featured Tracks:
1. Jonah's Whale
2. Keep On Walking
3. Since You Went Away
4. It's Just the End of the World
5. If You Change Your Mind
6. Tightrope
7. Hold You In My Heart
8. Better Day
9. Stay
10. Waking Dream
11. Blue Flame

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