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Blue Distance Limited Vinyl LP

by Clara Moto

Release Date: 04 November 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: InFine Records


Clara Moto Blue Distance Limited Vinyl LP

· Clara Moto first stepped into the spotlight with her debut album ‘Polyamour’ on InFiné in 2010. Intimate and fragile, yet all the while joyful, witty and immediate, the album offered a fresh, intelligent and decidedly female take on the predominantly male genre of techno music and received widespread praise throughout the music press.
· Now, three years later, and following on from her well received summer EP ‘Joy Departed’, Clara returns with her second full length, an album that is every bit as close up and personal as her debut, but at the same time more intricate and thoughtful, more introspective and melancholic
than its predecessor.
· Highlights include captivating orchestral construction ‘I Saw Your Love’, perhaps the most confident manifestation of Clara’s renewed interest broken beats, dating back to her formative years of growing up listening to the likes of De La Soul, Pharcyde, and A Tribe Called Quest, ‘For All
Reasons So Sad’, the album’s most extensive manipulation of multiple vocal layers, and ‘Holy’, which almost levitates, with strings and vocal layers purling over minimalistic bells and traces of a house beat.

Featured Tracks:
How We Live In Each Other
My Double Edged Sword
Hedonic Treadmill
I Saw Your Love
In My Dream
Things We Almost Did
For All Reasons So Sad
Placid Kindness
Lyra (ft Mimu)