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Blame Confusion Limited Vinyl LP

by Solids

Release Date: 17 February 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Fat Possum Records


Solids Blame Confusion Limited Vinyl LP

· Montreal band Solids went to school with bands from the 90s, like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk. Formed by Xavier Germain-Poitras (guitar) and Louis Guillemette (drums), the duo have understood that melody never shines as
much as when it is forced to fight its way through many layers of distortion and feedback effects.
· A first EP released in 2010, ‘Generic Dogs’, already united fans of chaotic choruses under the banner of their intense rock. A 7” (‘Fog Friends’ / ‘Blown Out’) and a split 7” with Toronto band Animal Faces have confirmed Solids’ reputation: a rare duo able to reconcile punks, rockers and
· ‘Blame Confusion’, recorded by Adrian Popovitch at Mountain City Studio (We Are Wolves, Sam Roberts, The Dears), is the band’s first full length album.
· Whether playing on stages of majors events such as SXSW, Osheaga, POP Montreal and The Fest (in Gainesville, Florida) or in some packed and humid decrepit basements, Xavier and Louis sweat blood because they don’t know any other way of making music.
· European tour throughout April and May.

Featured Tracks:
1. Over the Sirens
2. Off White
3. Traces
4. Haze Away
5. Blame Confusion
6. Laisser Faire
7. Cold Hands
8. Through the Walls
9. Not Complaining
10. Terminal