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BLACK SLEEP Limited Vinyl LP

by We Sell The Dead

Release Date: 21 February 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: earMUSIC




We Sell the Dead started in 2016 as an idea from Niclas Engelin (In Flames & Engel guitarist) and Jonas Slättung (Drömriket singer & bass guitarist). Additionally, the band consists of Apollo Papathanasio (front man for Firewind & Spiritual Beggars), as well as Oscar Nilson (Engel drummer & owner of Crehate Studios) and Petter Olsson (keyboarder). Together they create a riveting mix of dark and raw heavy metal with sequences of soft and melancholic riffs. Despite a reference to Victorian times, We Sell The Dead represent a very modern and ever-so-current approach to music that transpires into the world we live in today.
“Black Sleep” contains a total of 10 brand new Victorian-inspired heavy metal tracks that express a mixture of both sinister and soft undertones that in combination form a vivid experience regarding life and death. We Sell The Dead produce authentic, raw and dark music that deals with the basic fears, hopes and dreams of humankind. This concept becomes especially clear when listening to the intoxicatingly melodic “Across The Water” or the ear-piercing title track “Black Sleep”. In addition, the new album takes advantage of the new synergy within the band, after drummer Gas Lipstick, former member of HIM, was replaced due to geographical constraints with Oscar Nilson.
We Sell The Dead best describe the content and message of the new album themselves: “The term Black Sleep is, of course, a metaphor for death. “Eternal sleep” (…) death is not the enemy. Indifference and life without meaning is. (…) The songs are mysterious and heavy but carry the catchiness and sing along choruses of true hit material. The lyrics tell epic tales, shout with anger and whisper bleeding poetry.”

Featured Tracks:

1. Caravan
2. Across The Water
3. Black Sleep
4. Carved In Stone
5. The Light
6. Hour Of The Wolf
7. River In Your Blood
8. Nightmare And Dream
9. Scars In My Heart
10. Shallow Grave

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