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Black Rivers Limited Gatefold 180gram Vinyl LP

by Black Rivers

Release Date: 16 February 2015

Format: LP Vinyl


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Black Rivers Self Titled Limited Gatefold 180gram Vinyl LP

As two-thirds of Manchester’s Doves, the Williams brothers Jez and Andy achieved major success with four hit albums: the classic ‘Lost Souls’ debut (2000), the #1 hits ‘Last Broadcast’ (2002) and ‘Some Cities’ (2005), and 2009’s ‘Kingdom of Rust’ which peaked at #2.

After ‘Kingdom of Rust’, the pair needed a break from each other, as a band if not as brothers. Guitarist Jez plunged himself into electronic music while drummer Andy formed a new band with some friends. Gradually, the brothers found themselves making music together once again. After drifting back together, the duo can now officially launch their new band Black Rivers.

Black Rivers decamped to a remote cottage in Anglesey last winter in order to write and record new material. Sharing vocal duties, they boosted their sound with Jez playing bass and keyboards, and Andy contributing piano in addition to their regular instruments. They also called on the expertise of Claudius Mittendorfer (Johnny Marr, Muse, Temples) for mixing duties.

Featured Tracks:
Side A:
Diamond Days
The Ship
The Forest
Harbour Lights
Voyager 1

Side B:
Beyond The Pines
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Age Of Innocence
Coral Sea
Deep Rivers Run Quiet