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Belomancie Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Sun Araw

Release Date: 17 February 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Drag City


Sun Araw Belomancie Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

· ‘Belomancie’ is the seventh full length album from Sun Araw.
· Available on double LP.
· Composed, performed and produced by Cameron Stallones Summer 2013, Los Angeles.
· ‘Belomancie’ is a series of corridors that lead to specific chambers.
· ‘Belomancie’ is designed to be an active listening experience.
· ‘Belomancie’ is not designed to accompany existing environments, ‘Belomancie’ is designed as a transportation system.
· It is recommended to give ‘Belomancie’ your full attention, and to listen at the highest volume that is comfortable on high quality speakers with a pronounced stereo field or on an excellent pair of headphones.

Featured Tracks:
1. Scrim
2. Curtis
3. Huff
4. Belomancie
5. One After One
6. Solo Wallet Shuffle
7. Remedial Ventilation
8. Flote
9. Seven Lampstands

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