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Being Elastic Limited Vinyl LP

by Each Other

Release Date: 03 March 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Lefse


Each Other Being Elastic Limited Vinyl LP

∑ Each Other release their first album, ĎBeing Elasticí,
on Lefse Records. Recorded to tape in their homebuilt
studio in Montreal between tours across
Canada, Europe and the US, ĎBeing Elasticí is a
document of a band always trying to move further
out in terms of songwriting and production. Initial
recordings were shelved in favour of starting over,
as new songs piled up and intra-band shreddery
∑ The restless energy that defines the bandís work
habits shows up everywhere in their music. The
songs have a solid foundation in avant rock pop
traditions but are thwarted from sounding like any
kind of reverent tribute to whatís come before by
being adventurous and exploratory. Surprise
breaks, abrupt left turns, tangled riffage, sidelongglancing
lyrics and Space Echo murk all punctuate
the full-throated harmonies, artful melody and
bright, ringing tone that makes up the core of
these songs.
∑ At every turn, this is a record that sounds forwardlooking
but not futuristic, meticulously constructed
but not formulaic or predictable. Itís the sound of
three people working hard on their own terms,
without a promo budget or obnoxious social media
hustling, to make a record that speaks for itself.

Featured Tracks:
1. About the Crowd
2. Send Your Signals
3. Scared Witless, Really
4. You Or Any Other Thing
5. The Trick You Gave Up
6. Fine Time
7. High Noon in the Living Room
8. Your Ceiling Is My Floor
9. Seeing Doubles, Dreaming Troubles
10. Or Else
11. Swell Patterns
12. Relative Super Vision