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Attitude Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Lonerider

Release Date: 26 April 2019

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Warners


Lonerider Attitude Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


Every once in a while a new recording comes along with a line-up that makes your spine tingle, and here it is; "Attitude" by Lonerider. Not only does this quintet feature Steve Overland (FM, Solo, Shadowman), Steve Morris (Heartland, Shadowman) and Chris Childs (Thunder) but legendary drummer Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company fame. With Brain J Anthony finishing the line-up we have a real force to be reckoned with. What are we to expect from this group of musicians? If you like Bad Company then this is going to be a treat for you. We have the feel of that classic Bad Company that we know and love, yet the songs are modern, fresh and vibrant. Simon has a drumming style that is unmistakeable and this shines through on all of the tracks (and an extra four on the LP version!). There is a buzz surrounding the release already and the feedback is looking very promising indeed, this has surely got to be a stand out releases for 2019.

Featured Tracks:

1. My Imagination 3:19
2. Lonerider 3:38
3. Hard Heart to Break 4:12
4. Fast Train 3:57
5. Wanted Man 4:32
6. Yesterday Heroes 4:02
7. Angel Without Wings 3:39
8. Rock 'N Roll Dreamer 5:00
9. One in a Million 3:33
10. Gimme Your Love 3:46
11. Rhythm of Life 3:32
12. Heart & Soul 3:59