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Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud Limited Vinyl 3LP Set


Release Date: 08 June 2018

Format: LP Triple Vinyl

Label: Universal


Miles Davis Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

Miles Davis' Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - Elevator to the Gallows - is without a doubt a landmark in the trumpeter’s discography but also in the history of soundtrack. First released in 1958 by Fontana in Europe and Columbia in America, this album has gained the recognition of the whole jazz planet and beyond. Among the many reasons of this amazing success is the highly innovative approach that Miles Davis took to film music. Never had a soundtrack contributed as much to the fame of a film. The themes improvised during the legendary recording session made in Paris have now become standards in jazz and keep on fascinating new generations of listeners.
To celebrate this film music 60th anniversary, we’re releasing a 10” 3LP collector’s edition, containing the original album and all the takes from the 4 and 5 December 1957 recording session, as well as a deluxe 2CD-set.

Featured Tracks:
LP 1
Side 1
L'Assassinat De Carala
Sur L'Autoroute
Julien Dans L'Ascenseur
Florence Sur Les Champs-Élysées

Side 2
Dîner Au Motel
Évasion De Julien
Visite Du Vigile
Au Bar Du Petit Bac
Chez Le Photographe Du Motel

LP 2
Side 1
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 1)
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 2)
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 3)
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 4)

Side 2
Assassinat (Take 1)
Assassinat (Take 2)
Assassinat (Take 3)
Motel Diner Au Motel
Final (Take 1)

LP 3
Side 1
Final (Take 2)
Final (Take 3)
L'interrogatoire de Julien

Side 2
Ascenseur (Evasion De Julien)
Le Petit Bal (Take 1)
Le Petit Bal (Take 2)
Séquence Voiture (Take 1)
Sequence (Take 2)

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