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Arc Iris Limited Vinyl 2LP Set + CD Album

by Arc Iris

Release Date: 31 March 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Bella Union


Arc Iris Self Titled Limited Vinyl 2LP Set + CD Album

The new project from Jocie Adams, formerly of The Low Anthem.
Inspired by 70s pop, folk and country traditions, cabaret, jazz and classical, this eclectic new project draws on diverse influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Grizzly Bear, from Joni Mitchell to Dirty Projectors, and from Miles Davis to Chopin.
A singer, multi-instrumentalist, classical composer and former NASA researcher, Adams formed the collective with primary musicians Zach Tenorio-Miller (piano), Ray Belli (drums), Max Johnson (bass), Robin Ryczek (cello) and Mike Irwin (trumpet), among others, to present her ambitious
new songs.
The vinyl format includes a copy of the album on

Featured Tracks:
1. Money Gnomes
2. Lost on Me
3. Whiskey Man
4. Canadian Cowboy
5. Singing So Sweetly
6. Ditch
7. Honor of the Rainbows I
8. Honor of the Rainbows II
9. Powder Train
10. Might I Deserve To Have A Dream
11. Swimming