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Aquariana Limited Vinyl LP

by Aquariana

Release Date: 16 December 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Drag City


Aquariana Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

· In the group of celestial beings that was The Source Family, Aquariana stood out with an almost angelic vibration. Even before she became one of Father Yod’s 13 wives, her presence was exceptional to all who met her. She was among the first to join The Source Family’s brotherhood, and she brought her youthful energy, bright with laughter and joy, to all the activities within the household, starting with morning mediation and on through the day.
· In 1973 and 1974 the music was pouring out of the Father House, with the releases ‘Kohoutek’, ‘Contraction’, ‘Expansion’ and ‘All Or Nothing At All’ credited to Father Yod & The Spirit Of ’76, with additional recordings ‘Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony’, ‘To The Principles For The Children’, ‘I’m Gonna Take You Home’ and ‘Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa’ credited to Ya Ho Wa 13, the group of talented young men who formed the nucleus of The Source Family’s house band.
· The wild spirit of these records is the essence of The Source Family myth. But there were many members of their brotherhood, and many of them were sisters. After all this male energy had gained release, Father felt it was time to project the female energy they had on the next release. Plans for Aquariana’s album were started, but this was during a time of upheaval and movement for the family that resulted in them moving from their base in Los Angeles to Hawaii. It was there that Father passed over in 1976. After that, the Source brotherhood slowly dispersed and carried on to other phases in their life.
· It wasn’t until the re-appearance of The Source Family records on the Japanese CD box set ‘God And Hair’ in the mid 1990s that a significant amount of energy came back to The Source Family. Since then, several albums of material from the Isis Aquarian Archives have been released, as well as two books, and earlier this year, ‘The Source Family’ documentary. Here in the year of 2013, it is an ideal time to bring Aquariana’s music to the people as was meant to happen nearly 40 years ago.
· Unfortunately, she is not here with us to journey back to the place and time of these performances; Aquariana passed over in the mid 1990s. But in the grooves of this LP Aquariana lives again! She plays with a questing passion
and soulful devotion, with all but one song performed solo on the piano. Her lyrics sing of the spirit with pure visions, but are all directed to the source through the focus of her true love: Yahowa.
· Aquariana’s was a life devoted to improving life on the planet for all people, and as she worked towards her goals she touched the lives of many people.
In addition to the son she bore Father, her music here stands as one of her greatest achievements, finally to be shared with the world she loved so deeply.

Featured Tracks:
Step Into The Light
Awaken Us
Oh My Love
Come Forth
Walking Together
Oh My Yahowa
The Father Of Many Young Ones
Rise Oh Mighty Soul
Forget About The Past
One Love
Love Dispels Darkness
Ancient One