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All-Night Long Limited High Fidelity Pressing Vinyl LP

by The Howling Hex

Release Date: 16 December 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Drag City


The Howling Hex All-Night Long Limited High Fidelity Pressing Vinyl LP

· Ten years after the sinister first stirrings of The Howling Hex, Drag City finally gets the picture - ‘All-Night Fox’ needs to live on as a vinyl LP in the 21st century.
· ‘All-Night Fox’ was released in early 2005, after a series of vinyl-only LPs introduced to the world the wide range of The Howling Hex. But when ‘All-Night Fox’ appeared, it was on the then-popular CD format only. Deeply grooved and stomping, alive with a triple-headed vocal attack, aloft on
clouds of reverb, ‘All-Night Fox’ should be heard from every possible angle. This hi-fidelity vinyl pressing will ensure a superior playback for years to come.
· ‘All-Night Fox’ brought the New Border Sound of The Howling Hex into sharp focus: songs free from structural cliché, with ‘verse’, ‘chorus’ and ‘solo’ incorporated into a stream that runs through the entire album. The generic designations ‘rhythm and blues’ and ‘rock and roll’ are observed, respected and surpassed as The Howling Hex play
their music beyond genre, with the generic realities inherent in the music, regardless of whether or not they choose to exploit it for their image.

Featured Tracks:
Now, We’re Gonna Sing
Instilled With Mem’ry
Pair Back Up Mass With
Activity Risks
To His Own Front Door
What, Man? Who Are You?!
Cast Aside The False
Soft Enfolding Spreads