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Absent Minded Limited Vinyl LP

by Gabriel Olafs

Release Date: 23 August 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: One Little Indian Records


Gabriel Olafs Absent Minded Limited Vinyl LP


"“I love old movies and stories. I enjoy the fact that film scores demand a piece of music to have emotional depth. It has to convey multiple emotions and therefore has its part in telling a story.” Gabriel Olafs possesses an exceptional talent for telling a stirring symphonic story through instrumental music. At just 19, the composer and pianist wowed viewers and a live audience on Icelandic TV during his first ever live performance, where he was discovered by Björk’s manager Derek Birkett, announcing a record deal with One Little Indian Records shortly after.
“My favourite thing is to compose a ‘theme’ for somebody – a character or even a place. A memorable melody that instantly takes you somewhere else” the young musician elucidates. At just 14 years old he wrote ‘Absent Minded’ – an imagined theme tune and subsequent lead single from his forthcoming debut album of the same name, out 23rd August on One Little Indian. “I am very visually-minded, and I often compose to an imaginary story or character. You could say my album is a score to a non-existent film.”"

Featured Tracks:

1. Absent Minded
2. Bára
3. Droplets
4. Cyclist Waltz
5. Lóa
6. Another Fall, Another Spring
7. Staircase Sonata
8. Filma
9. Floral Hymn
10. Think of Home