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A Perfect Little Death Limited Vinyl LP

by Eleri Ward

Release Date: 12 August 2022

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Ghostlight Records


Eleri Ward A Perfect Little Death Limited Vinyl LP


A Perfect Little Death is a whirling combination of Eleri Ward’s two deep loves: the expansive, one of a kind canon of Stephen Sondheim and the sweet, melancholic sounds of artists like Sufjan Stevens straight from the scenery of Carrie & Lowell. Starting from a spontaneous Instagram post in 2019, covering “Every Day A Little Death”, Eleri has now crafted her own niche at the crossroads of musical theater and indie folk music from her original point of view embodied by acoustic simplicity and swirling harmonies.

This 13 track album recorded in the closet of Eleri’s apartment breathes a new, unique life into the great work of Stephen Sondheim. Each arrangement is singular, thoughtful, and weaves in and out of darkness and light.

Featured Tracks:

Side A

1. Johanna (Reprise)
2. Every Day a Little Death
3. Pretty Women
4. Children Will Listen
5. Loving You
6. Finishing the Hat
7. Send in the Clowns

Side B

1. Losing My Mind
2. In Buddy's Eyes
3. Take Me to the World
4. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
5. Being Alive
6. Sunday