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A Man Called Destruction Limited Translucent Blue Vinyl 2LP Set

by Alex Chilton

Release Date: 25 August 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Omnivore Recordings


Alex Chilton A Man Called Destruction Limited Translucent Blue Vinyl 2LP Set

Expanded CD, LP, and digital. First time on vinyl . Contains 7 bonus tracks CHILTON’S 1995 RETURN TO ROCK—ON LP FOR THE FIRST TIME!
As lead singer of The Box Tops and co-founder of Big Star, Alex Chiton’s place in rock history would have been solid. But, he was never one to rest on his laurels. An enormous music fan himself, he consistently reinvented himself musically throughout his career.
The ’90s found him crooning a set of standards (on Clichés, his fi rst full-length in seven years), touring with a reformed Big Star, and releasing 1995’s A Man Called Destruction.

Featured Tracks:
Side 1
1. Sick And Tired
2. Devil Girl
3. Lies
4. It's Your Funeral
5. What's Your Sign Girl
Side 2
1. Il Ribelle
2. You Don't Have To Go
3. Boplexity
4. New Girl In School
5. You're Lookin' Good
6. Don't Know Anymore
Side 1
1. Don't Stop
2. Devil Girl Double Track Vocal
3. Don't Know Anymore Rough Mix
4. Give It To Me Baby Take 3
5. You're My Favorite
Side 2
1. But I Do Alex Chilton
2. Please Pass Me My Walkin' Shoes
3. Why Should I Care/It's Your Funeral

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