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A Digital Nowhere Limited Red With Black Splatter Vinyl LP

by Profiler

Release Date: 16 February 2024

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Sharptone


Profiler A Digital Nowhere Limited Red With Black Splatter Vinyl LP


Profiler is a Nu-Metal reawakening from the mind of vocalist and guitarist Mike Evans.

This band is inspired by those who have incited change in genres, arts, and theories. It's a weight of legacy that Profiler is comfortable shouldering, backed by SharpTone Records, its home since 2020.

After starting as a solo project in Bristol, UK, Mike stepped out from the studio and onto the stage, enlisting bassist/vocalist Joe Johnson and drummer Oscar Hocking. In early 2023, Oscar departed to be replaced by Brad Ratcliffe, cementing the line-up that would forge 2024 debut album, A Digital Nowhere. Profiler's nu-metal-grunge-alt-rock, call it what you want, is an abrasive distorted soundscape that reverently glances back to those genres' heydays. Profiler is for anyone who misses or missed the contagious nineties Seattle grunge movement or the explosion of nu-metal that dominated the 00s and the genre-bending bands they made a path for.

Featured Tracks:

1 All in Forever
2 Artifice
3 Delay
4 Animo
5 To Utopia
6 Zero
7 Operator
8 Consumed
9 The Living Receiver
10 Sequence