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A Blueprint Of The World Limited Gatefold 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set + CD

by Enchant

Release Date: 01 September 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Century Media


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Enchant A Blueprint Of The World Limited Gatefold 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set + CD Album

ENCHANT, the Bay Area’s long-running Prog Rock institution, are finally back to the scene they once helped shape and establish! Originally founded in1989 and with seven studio album releases under their belt, it’s been a much too long period of silence for ENCHANT ever since their last official release, the “Live At Last” live-documentation 2CD/2DCD from 2004.

ENCHANT have recently announced that they are at long last working on an overdue brand-new studio album and they have now also signed a new longterm worldwide deal with their perennial label-partner InsideOutMusic.

“It’s been way too long!”, says Douglas A. Ott, main songwriter and guitarist of ENCHANT. “We had to take time off from ENCHANT because a lot was going on in all of our lives. Divorces, marriages, kids, separations…Finally the band is stable again and ready to get going on the new album!”

Ott furthermore adds: “Everyone is really excited and looking forward to the process again. I’m currently doing preproduction and putting together demos of the new material and very shortly I’ll start recording the real tracks. We’re taking our time and really focusing on the writing and arranging of this new material.”

A new, 8th ENCHANT studio album entitled “The Great Divide” will be released all over the world via InsideOutmusic around late September 2014. Watch out…

Featured Tracks:
Side A:
1.The Thirst 00:06:15
2. Catharsis 00:05:53
3. Oasis 00:08:12

Side B:
1. Acquaintance 00:06:31
2. Mae Dae 00:03:24
3. At Death‘s Door 00:07:17

Side C:
1. East Of Eden 00:05:49
2. Nighttime Sky 00:08:57
3. Enchanted 00:07:19

Side D:
1. Open Eyes 00:07:43
2. Enchanted (Acoustic Version) 00:06:37