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Ḣ-Camp Meets Lo-Fi Limited Transparent Clear Vinyl LP

by Dip

Release Date: 11 October 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: One Little Indian


Dip Ḣ-Camp Meets Lo-Fi Limited Transparent Clear Vinyl LP


20th Anniversary remastered edition of album on clear transparent vinyl and CD

Originally released in June 1999 on Icelandic Label Smekkleysa s.m. (Bad Taste), this rare gem is the brainchild of the late film composer Johann Johannsson and Sigtryggur Baldursson, best known as the drummer of the Sugarcubes, the legendary Icelandic avant-pop band.

This was the last of Johann’s projects in the world of pop music before he cofounded experimental think tank-label-art organisation Kitchen Motors and became a film composer.

Dip was originally a studio project started in 1997 when Baldursson, then living and working in the US, started visiting Iceland and collaborating with Johannsson on music originating in grooves that Baldusson had been honing in Madisons Smart Studios. He was producing drum beats for loop-based programs when computers started to become a prominent production tool in studio’s in the mid to late '90s.

Johannsson would then add his soundscapes, having been heavily influenced by 60’s Italian horror film scores, introducing subtle synth and keyboard work. Together they discovered emerging stars of Icelandic music at the time to and invited them to collaborate on vocals. Guest appearances included Jonsi from Sigur Ros, Emiliana Torrini, Magga Stina, Sara Marti and Asgerdur Juniusdottir.

The result was a timeless study in experimental pop/indie music, complete with a dash of humour and inventive twists. Contributions were made by many instrumentalists from the late 90´s scene in Iceland and the record mixed by Luke Gordon (Spacer).

The album has now been remastered and is available on clear transparent vinyl and as a cardboard digipack CD with plastic tray.

Featured Tracks:

Side A:

1. Drinking with the fishes.
2. Trampoline. 
3. Come Out. 
4. Fear of Harmony 
5. 10% More Free 
6. To safely sail, past the bar 

Side B:

1. Love In The Time Of Science
2. Glands 
3. Problematique 
4. The Split 
5. Skyscraper Heart 
6. Just to Perish On The Rocks 

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