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1983-1998 Limited 180gram Half Speed Mastered 4LP Box Set

by Genesis

Release Date: 11 May 2015

Format: Boxed Set Vinyl

Label: Universal Vinyl


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Genesis 1983-1998 Limited 180gram Half Speed Mastered 4LP Box Set

Comprising the last four studio albums from thelegendary band, this lavishly packaged box comes complete with high-end reproductions of the inner and outer sleeves, exactly as originally released.

Each LP has been remastered at half-speed by Miles Showell from Abbey Road Studios and pressed onto 180gm vinyl. Contents are: ‘Genesis (1LP vinyl); ‘Invisible Touch’ (1LP vinyl); ‘We Can’t Dance’ (2LP gatefold vinyl) and ‘Calling All Stations’ (gatefold with 2 vinyl LPs featuring music on sides 1-3 and an etching on side 4).

This third box, which comes in a smart red outer casing, follows ‘Genesis: 1970 – 1975’ (“The Green Box”) and ‘Genesis: 1976 – 1982’ (“The Blue Box”) and completes a set that brings together all of Genesis’ studio albums on vinyl. As with the previous two boxes, “The Red Box” comes with a download voucher, allowing the listener to get all of the music on MP3 at no extra cost.

Featured Tracks:
Side A:
1. Mama
2. That's All
3. Home By The Sea
4. Second Home By The Sea

Side B:
1. Illegal Alien
2. Takin' It All Too Hard
3. Just A Job To Do
4. Silver Rainbow
5. It's Gonna Get Better

Invisible Touch
Side A:
1. Invisible Touch
2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
3. Land Of Confusion
4. In Too Deep

Side B:
1. Anything She Does
2. Domino
3. Throwing It All Away
4. The Brazilian

We Can’t Dance
Side A:
1. No Son Of Mine
2. Jesus He Knows Me
3. Driving The Last Spike

Side B:
1. I Can't Dance
2. Never A Time
3. Dreaming While You Sleep

Side C:
1. Tell Me Why
2. Living Forever
3. Hold On My Heart

Side D:
1. Way Of The World
2. Since I Lost You
3. Fading Lights

Calling All Stations
Side A:
1. Calling All Stations
2. Congo
3. Shipwrecked
4. Alien Afternoon

Side B:
1. Not About Us
2. If That's What You Need
3. The Dividing Line
4. Uncertain Weather

Side C:
1. Small Talk
2. There Must Be Some Other Way
3. One Man's Fool

Side D:
Etched design

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