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1971 Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by T.Rex

Release Date: 30 September 2022

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Demon Records


T.Rex 1971 Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


Following the success of the 2LP set “1972”, Demon Records is proud to announce two new releases in the Marc Bolan “Songwriter” series. This is a vinyl-only, intimate series that focuses on the private and creative Marc Bolan, with the emphasis on how that affected his songwriting.

The second of these new releases is another 2LP set, “1971”, which takes us to the year in which T. Rex became a chart-topping phenomenon. This 19 track selection includes full-length versions of the hits “Hot Love” and “Get It On”, along with the single version of “Jeepster”.

But also included are many other recordings from 1971: B-sides, working versions of “Telegram Sam” and “Life’s A Gas”, and demoslike the 15-minute Complete Acoustic Demo of “Children Of Rarn”.

This release has been compiled and fully annotated by Mark Paytress, author of the definitive biography “Marc Bolan: The Rise And Fall of a 20th Century Superstar”, and the recently-published “Glam! When Superstars Rocked The World, 1970-74”.

A vinyl-only, intimate series that focuses on the private and creative Marc Bolan
This 19-track selection is compiled and annotated by Mark Paytress
Pressed on 2LP 140g black vinyl

Featured Tracks:

Disc: 1

1 The King of the Mountain Cometh (Original B-side)
2 Hot Love (Full Length)
3 Woodland Rock (Original B-side)
4 Electric Warrior (Poem)
5 Electric Warrior (Solo Demo)
6 Mambo Sun (SACD Version)
7 Cosmic Dancer (Single Vocal Mix)
8 Get It On (Full Length Version)
9 Life's a Gas (Working Version)
10 The Motivator (SACD Version)
11 Girl (Alternate Master)
12 Jeepster (Original Single)

Disc: 2

1 There Was a Time/Raw Ramp/Electric Boogie (Original B-side)
2 Children of Rarn (Complete Acoustic Demo)
3 Rip Off (SACD Version)
4 Sunken Rags (Home Demo for Glastonbury Fayre Album)
5 Thunderwing (Alternate Master)
6 Spaceball Ricochet
7 Telegram Sam (Working Version)

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