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Young Beauties and Fools Limited Vinyl LP

by The Glorious Sons

Release Date: 23 February 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Earache Records


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The Glorious Sons Young Beauties and Fools Limited Vinyl LP

24-year-old wordsmith Brett Emmons uses Young Beauties and Fools as a diary entry exploring the adventures (and frequent misadventures) of life as a young adult in 2017. Capturing all the listlessness and confusion in 10 doses of modern alt rock. “It’s basically the story of a 24 year old kid,” says Brett. “They’re simple songs about alcoholism and mostly autobiographical stories from my life. The whole thing is derived from the thoughts, actions and feelings of a kid who doesn’t really now himself and the consequences of those actions.” An undeniable force of a record, Young Beauties and Fools promises to launch The Glorious Sons into becoming one of the biggest bands in the Modern Rock scene. Already a Top 5 album in Canada, the band is setting their sights on Europe in 2018

Featured Tracks:
1. My Poor Heart
2. Josie
3. Everything Is Alright
4. Come Down
5. Hide My Love
6. Godless, Graceless and Young
7. My Blood
8. Sawed Off Shotgun
9. So Much Love To Give
10. Thank You For Saying Goodbye