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Yesterdays Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by YES

Release Date: 07 October 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Friday Musioc


Yes Yesterdays Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

Yes are an English rock band who achieved worldwide success with the progressive genre, their elaborate cover art and live stage sets, and symphonic style of rock music. After several tours to celebrate their amazing successful run with albums such as Close to the Edge, the legendary Yes collected a number of 45 singles, an unreleased LP track, and brilliant songs from their first couple of albums and delivered the amazing 1975 prog-rock masterwork collection Yesterdays. This first time 180-gram vinyl LP release features the definitive hard to find "America," as well as more favorites like "Astral Traveler," "Time And A Word" and the solid B side "Dear Father." Yesterdays is also presented in a first time gatefold cover featuring Roger Dean's stunning art.

Featured Tracks:
1. America
2. Looking Around
3. Time and a Word
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Then
6. Survival
7. Astral Traveller
8. Dear Father

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