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Yes 50 Live Limited Vinyl 4LP Set

by YES

Release Date: 29 July 2019

Format: LP Four Vinyl

Label: Rhino


Yes 50 Live Limited Vinyl 4LP Set


Yes celebrated its 50th anniversary over 2019 with an extensive tour. 50 Live - with exquisite Roger Dean artwork - features music from the tour including classics such as Close To The Edge, Awaken and Starship Trooper, and lesser known gems like Madrigal, The Ancient and Soon.

Quadruple vinyl with 8-page booklet that includes photographs from the tour taken by the Gottlieb Brothers.

Featured Tracks:

Side One:

“Close To The Edge”

(i) “The Solid Time Of Change”

(ii) “Total Mass Retain”

(iii) “I Get Up I Get Down”

(iv) “Seasons Of Man”

Side Two:

“Nine Voices (Longwalker)”

“Sweet Dreams”


“We Can Fly From Here, Part 1”

Side Three:

“Soon” ’Soon’

Side Four:


Side Five:


“Excerpt From The Ancient”

Side Six:

“Yours Is No Disgrace”

“Excerpt From Georgia’s Song And Mood For A Day”

Side Seven:


“Starship Trooper”

a. “Life Seeker”

b. “Disillusion”

c. “Wurm”

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