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Wretch Limited Vinyl LP

by The Litter

Release Date: 17 August 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Cleopatra


The Litter Wretch Limited Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Archive release. A very special album rescued from the vault - 12 previously unreleased 1970 recordings from American psychedelic garage rockers, The Litter! The Litter's late '60s output, including the all-time classic "Action Woman," has been hailed as some of the finest psych garage rock to come out of the States and this lost album will be welcomed with open arms by fans of vintage rock! Packaged with liner notes from original Litter drummer Tom Murray. The Litter formed in 1966 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group recorded three albums in the late 1960s before disbanding. All of their Minneapolis recorded material was produced by Warren Kendrick, who owned the Scotty and Warick and Hexagon labels.

Featured Tracks:
1. End Of The Tape
2. A Lost Art
3. Trek Of The Mongoloids
4. Today
5. Cross-Over
6. O-Zone
7. Crazy Horse
8. Space A Comin'
9. Puff The Magic Dragon
10. For Saddest Clowns
11. Space A Comin' (Version 2)
12. Puff The Magic Dragon (Version 2)
13. Ungrateful Peg (Live)

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