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WINTER GAMES Limited Vinyl LP + CD & MP3


Release Date: 14 April 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Republic Of Music



The Whole World direct his attention to the wintergames in Sotschi, we will send our gay candidate into the race... ! Even Putin could looking forward to this. When Chris Garneau started working on Winter Games five years ago, he had a simple premise in mind: exploring the frostbitten season through secondhand story lines. Not long-forgotten memories of merriment and myrrh: 'This record isn't about trivial shit' explains Garneau. 'It's about why love doesn't happen right, how your person is shaped in the early stages of life. It's about defeating parental abandonment, sexual abuse, or family rejection. It's about people who struggle well, what it means to have those things happen to you as a child and play out later in life" . And yet Winter Games isn't a downer.

In its own twisted way, it's triumphant, bursting at the seams with Garneau's barebones melodies and the richly woven arrangements of CJ Camerieri and Rob Moose - perfectly paced orchestrations that parallel their work on Bon Iver's GRAMMY-winning debut as a full-blooded group. In many ways, Winter Games is the music Garneau's been trying to make since he was a lonesome kid who competed in Parisian piano competitions but Garneau had to endure years of personal and creative growth first. 'I trusted myself on this record," says Garneau. „For the first time, this record is me. That's all I know.'

Featured Tracks:
1. Our Man
2. Oh God
3. Winter Song #1
4. Winter Song #2
5. Danny
6. The Whore in Yourself
7. Reindeer
8. Pas Grave
9. Catherine
10. Switzerland