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Winter And The Wolves Limited Blue Vinyl LP + Download

by Grieves

Release Date: 24 March 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Rhymesayers


Grieves Winter And The Wolves Limited Blue Vinyl LP + Download

Established Seattle rapper, Grieves, returns to deliver his fourth studio album, Winter & The Wolves. The insatiable, devil-may-care MC is well known for his meticulous exploration of life, love and loss, through a unique medley of hip-hop and soulful music. Together with B. Lewis, Grieves created 14 new tracks, combining organic pianos and guitars with boisterous synthesizers, to paint a colourful backdrop for his unique blend of rapping and singing.
A reflection on growth and maturity, Winter & The Wolves is about the instinctual fight for survival. Itís about suddenly finding that youíre all alone, facing countless hindrances to your livelihood, and having the courage to overcome them all. Tackling difficult obstacles like addiction and heartbreak, Grieves wrestles with the realization that life doesnít get any easier as you get older. His signature combination of humor and gloom culminate to depict the struggle of a manís inner turmoil between abandoning the dreams of his youth, and carving out a new path for himself in this world.

Featured Tracks:
01. Rain Damage
02. Whoa is Me
03. Over You feat. B. Lewis
04. Serpents
05. Breath of Air
06. Astronauts feat. Slug
07. Autumn
08. Howís it Gonna Go feat. B. Lewis
09. Recluse
10. Like Child
11. Long One
12. Kidding Me
13. Shreds
14. Smoke in the Night

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