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Wicker Man (40th Anniversary) Limited Coloured Vinyl LP

by OST

Release Date: 03 September 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Silva Screen Records


OST Wicker Man (40th Anniversary) Limited Coloured Vinyl LP


Against all odds, one of the most talked about soundtracks in movie history rose to the surface in 2002. Believed for years to be lost, destroyed or even buried deep beneath a motorway, this disc contains Paul Giovanni’s original music to The Wicker Man. These historic recordings had, up until then, only been heard by a select few.
Based on the themes of fertile pre-Christian practices of pagan Britain, The Wicker Man did not follow the predictable formula of 1960’s British horror movies. The equally non-formulaic music score was provided by talented songwriter Paul Giovanni, and his assistant Gary Carpenter.
With only six weeks allotted to write, research and record the soundtrack, Paul draws on the rich traditions of Celtic music to present a brilliant collection of eclectic folk songs underpinned with aeons-old verse.

Featured Tracks:

1 Corn Rigs
2 The Landlords Daughter
3 Gently Johnny
4 Maypole
5 Fire Leap
6 The Tinker of Rye
7 Willow’s Song
8 Procession
9 Chop Chop
10 Lullaby
11 Festival/Mirie It Is/Sumer Is A-Cumen in

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