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What A Tease Limited Vinyl LP

by Nico Yaryan

Release Date: 03 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Partisan Records


Nico Yaryan What A Tease Limited Vinyl LP

On What A Tease, Nico sings earnestly of the hope, elation, sadness and confusion that come with falling in and out of love. The album came to life during the months Nico tried to keep a transcontinental relationship afloat after falling in love with a girl in Amsterdam while touring overseas. Upon returning home, he took a job clipping weed in Northern California to save money to go see her. As their relationship unfolded in the face of geographical (and financial) adversity, so did the songs that would become What a Tease. Opening with the tattered allegory of "Old Gloria" and the lonely masochism of "You Belong to Me," the record lets more than a little darkness surface: the agony of watching yourself fuck up a good thing became "Just Tell Me"; the shifting nature of success informed "Dreamers"; mistrusting the nature of his love led Nico to "Witch Love." But throughout, there's an undercurrent of perseverance and determined tenderness, songs like the cavernous "Infinity" and, perhaps especially, album-closers "Your Love Never Lets Me Down" and "I'll Stay With You When You Die."

Featured Tracks:
Old Gloria
You Belong To Me
Just Tell Me
The Magic
What A Tease
Nobody Tells My Baby
Witch Love
Your Love Never Lets Me Down
Iíll Stay With You When You Die