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We Could Be Flying Limited Reissue Vinyl LP

by Karin Krog, Steve Kuhn, Steve

Release Date: 26 August 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Karin Krog, Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow & Jon Christensen We Could Be Flying Limited Reissue Vinyl LP

Karin Krog's own label Meantime Records has given us many rare and legendary recordings. Now it presents this much welcomed reissue on vinyl of 'We Could Be Flying', from the original master. First issued on Polydor in 1974, Karin performs alongside a musical dream team, consisting of Jon Christensen on drums, Steve Kuhn on electric and acoustic piano and Steve Swallow bass guitar.

The quality of the music is exceptional with the Michel Columbier and Paul Williams' title song headlining the album. Joni Mitchells "All I Want" and two great Steve Kuhn originals "Raindrops, Raindrops" and "The Meaning of Love" add to the mix.

Karin Krog seems to thrive in this company - and vice versa - with the music sounding as timeless as if it had been recorded yesterday. Here we have four very personal and original voices, something which has not escaped the attention of today's DJs. Outstanding music in the hands of truly amazing musicians.

Featured Tracks:
We Could Be Flying / Meaning Of Love / Sometime Ago / All I Want / Sing Me Softly The Blues / Raindrops, Raindrops / Lament / Hold Out Your Hand / Time To Go