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Violent Limited Clear/Translucent Vinyl LP + Download

by We Are The City

Release Date: 23 March 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Sinnbus


We Are The City Violent Limited Clear/Translucent Vinyl LP + Download

The Canadian trio We Are The City explore wild and exciting soundscapes and the innovative music is set somewhere between indie and electronic pop with a strong visual appeal. Their second album "Violent" is available as LP in clear/transparent vinyl in a hardcover sleeve, plus printed inner sleeves. Also included is the mp3 album download coupon!

We Are The City are three young Canadians with boundless energy. This is channelled into their music, touring and various creative projects. They work as directors, script writers and film producers, creating their own music videos and even their own film ‘Violent’. For some, this would be too much, but these three simply can’t stop. We Are The City wrote their album, ‘Violent’ in a year long process in a place they lovingly called ‘The Magic House’. The finishing touches were added by Tom Dobrzanski (Said The Whale, The Zolas, Hey Ocean) who produced and recorded the album with the band in Vancouver’s Monarch Studios.

Around the same time, We Are The City shot a film in Bergen, Norway. In keeping with the film, the album portrays extremes - death, love, loneliness and reminiscence. Now that the film ‘Violent’ is travelling the world and winning awards (Vancouver International Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival) it is finally time for the album ‘Violent’ to leave Canada’s borders.

Featured Tracks:
1. Bottom of the Lake
2. Legs Give Out
3. King David
4. Passing of the Peace
5. Friends Hurt
6. I Am, Are You?
7. 20 Ft. Up
8. Everything Changes
9. Baptism
10. Punch My Face