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Vikings Memories Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 09 October 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Decca France

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Skald Vikings Memories Limited Vinyl LP


"The new album is about the importance of ancestral heritage. It is an invitation to listen to messages from the past to build the future. SKÁLD is inspired by the Doggerland, which is an island that disappeared 20,000 years ago following various natural disasters (tsunami, long winter...). The Vikings tell here the history of the people who preceded them and question the role of Man for saving the planet. Founded in 2018, SKÁLD is a Nordic folk band inspired by Scandinavian culture and Norse mythology.
Their music is characterized by singing in Old Norse – the Vikings language - and the use of ancient instruments."

Featured Tracks:

Side A

1. Fimbulvetr
2. Jörmungrund
3. Grótti
4. Norðrljós
5. Sækonungar

Side B

1. Þistill Mistill Kistill
2. Sólarljóð
3. Víðförla
4. Hafgerðingar
5. Í dansinum
6. Nýr