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Ven Ven Limited Vinyl LP

by Raul Paz

Release Date: 16 June 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Naive


Raul Paz Ven Ven Limited Vinyl LP

After more than 200.000 albums sold and a last album released 4 years ago, the Cuban artist and songwriter Raul Paz is back with a fantastic new studio album. Recorded in cuba with a horn section and then mixed in Paris by Florent Livet (Phoenix, Bloc Party, Elephanz, Coeur du Pirate…). Raul Paz is delivering a great authentic cocktail mixing his influences from Cuban music to hip hop or funk and offering a hot and original record. His great voice and a fantastic original Cuban backing band makes a fantastic record and a coming energic live set !

Featured Tracks:
1. Ven Ven
2. Nadie Sabe
3. Chiquita
4. Hace Falta
5. Te extraño
6. No Me digas Que No
7. Tanto
8. Tus Besos
9. Ella
10. Te enamores
11. No Voy A Llorar