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UNDER THE FRAGMENTED SKY Limited Gatefold Clear 180gram Heavyweight LP


Release Date: 25 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl



LUNATIC SOUL UNDER THE FRAGMENTED SKY Limited Gatefold Clear 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

The new album and follow up to 2017’s critically acclaimed ‘Fractured’ marking the 10TH Anniversary of Lunatic Soul. ‘Under the Fragmented Sky’ is released as a CD in digipack packaging complete with a booklet or on 180g heavyweight clear vinyl as a single LP in gatefold packaging.
“great art from Poland from one of the most ground-breaking musicians” - Classic Rock (DE)
Lunatic Soul is Mariusz Duda, the talented creator, singer and multiinstrumentalist behind some of the finest and most captivating progressive music coming from Europe, including his output on UK label Kscope and with Poland’s shooting stars Riverside. Duda is now releasing his sixth studio album following the long-awaited album ‘Fractured’, both recorded at the same time whilst he was facing tragic events in his personal life.
Following on from ‘Fractured’, which covered content about grieving, hope and a separated society, ‘Under the Fragmented Sky’ rebuilds Lunatic Soul as we know it, with dark and haunting atmospheres coming to the forefront. Duda
explains “Fractured is not a full picture of the latest Lunatic Soul recordings. These more classical pieces have been waiting for their own time which has now come. “Under the Fragmented Sky” will be both a supplement to “Fractured” and an artistically independent release with its own character and identity.
‘Under the Fragmented Sky’ was recorded during the Fractured sessions at Serakos Studio, Warsaw from June 16-17, and finalised December 2017 and February 2018. The final track “Untamed” sees a guest appearance on drums for Wawrzyniec Dramowicz (aka Vaaver), and the album was designed and illustrated by Polish artist Jarek Kubicki.

Featured Tracks:
Side: 1
1. He av en ( 04:05 )
2. Trials ( 05:44 )
3. Sorrow ( 01:30 )
4. Under The Fragmented Sky ( 05:03 )

Side: 2
1. Shadows ( 04:31 )
2. Rinsing The Night ( 03:56 )
3. The Art Of Repairing ( 07:54 )
4. Untamed ( 03:24 )

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