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To The Other Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 23 February 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Listenable


SATURNALIA TEMPLE To The Other Limited Vinyl LP

SATURNALIA TEMPLE is black magic metal, a dark spiritual vortex rooted in heavy and hypnotic sounds, a pure voice of the Draconian magical tradition and is now releasing their second full length album. As a band that moves intently and without compromise, this recording and production was done in their own studio: Sitra Ahra, located in the forests outside Uppsala, Sweden. Since its release, the critically acclaimed debut "Aion of Drakon" took the band to numerous major festivals including Roadburn, Hell’s pleasure and Heavy Days in Doomtown as well as on both a EU and a US tour. The strong occult and dark magical backbone is more prevalent than ever, and as a band that actually started before the current occult trend , there are no fetishistic hoods, blood or pentagrams. "To The Other" is instead a relentless journey through the downfall of the world and the rise of the individual against the grain. Its title “To The Other” is to signify that it is a gift from the band to both the Other Side, and to all that is in the shadows, in the other side of existence, that which has been neglected by the everyday world of light. US drummer Tim Call ( ALDEBARAN, HOWLING WIND, NIGHTFELL... ) brings his experience and power to the band on this recording. The Cover art was made by Manuel Tinnemans ( THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, NECROS CHRISTOS, DEATHSPELL OMEGA... ). FOR FANS OF : CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER, ELECTRIC WIZARD...

Featured Tracks:
1. Intro
2. ZazelSorath
3. To the Other
4. Snow of Reason
5. March of Gha'agsheblah
6. Black Sea of Power
7. CrownedWithSeven
8. Void