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TIME & PLACE Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP


Release Date: 16 August 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Charly


SOUL SHACK TIME & PLACE Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP


12 TRACKS OF UP-FRONT, ECLECTIC, SUPER RARE, FUNKY-EDGED AND FEEL-GOOD DANCEFLOOR SOUL In association with Soul Shack DJ's, Club Soul present the "Time" and the "Place" to Shake the Shack!

With album launch party at the Custard Factory in Birmingham featuring DJ's Neil Rushton, Roger Hayward, Dean "Sunshine" Smith, Jordi Ripolles, Sean T Taylor and Tim Everett

The Soul Shack manifesto is stark - let your body take the place of your mind, and this new compilation on the Club Soul label is a tough-as-nails route to keeping the groove. The popular Soul Shack sessions in the Midlands being run by Neil Rushton are a homage to mind-blowing and spine-tingling black music gems. They encompass the preciseness of cerebral jazz fusion, the simple rawness of New Orleans funk, Nuyorican Latin Strut frenzy, the rhythm-driven angry polemics of Gil Scott-Heron, the sheen of Philly Soul, Big Apple Soul Disco and the Soul and Funk of Detroit's many music alchemists. These are all integral parts of a time and place called Soul Shack - and this record is the soundtrack.

This LP edition of 'Time & Place' is presented on heavyweight audiophile 180gm vinyl in a single sleeve with Club Soul insert and sleeve notes by Neil Rushton. It joins a growing catalogue of premium music on Club Soul - including the 16-track crossover and modern soul LP 'Shades of Soul' and newly compiled records that celebrate the clubs of the original Northern Soul Scene - The Scene Club, The Twisted Wheel, Wigan Casino Soul Club, Catacombs and The Golden Torch.

Featured Tracks:

Side: 1

1. Jean Shy "I'm A Bad Go Getter" ( 02:32 ) - Jean Shy
2. Eddie Bo "Our Love (Will Never Falter)" ( 02:37 ) - Eddie Bo
3. Francine King "Two Fools" ( 02:29 ) - Francine King
4. Little Buck "Little Boy Blue" ( 02:29 ) - Little Buck
5. Ricky Allen "Cut You Loose" ( 03:24 ) - Ricky Allen
6. The Soul Suspects "Funky Drop" ( 02:40 ) - Soul Suspects

Side: 2

1. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson "The Bottle" ( 05:14 )
2. The Ohio Players "Love Slipped Thru My Fingers" ( 02:19 )
3. Brief Encounter "Get A Good Feeling" ( 03:55 )
4. The Continental Showstoppers "Not Too Young" ( 02:26 )
5. Uncle Remus "Number One" ( 03:26 )
6. Lee Moses "Time And Place" ( 03:03 )