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Tiara Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

by Seventh Wonder

Release Date: 12 October 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Frontiers Music


Seventh Wonder Tiara Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

Seventh Wonder are one of the most highly regarded artists in the progressive metal community thanks to their stunning studio albums, "Become" (2005), "Waiting In The Wings" (2006), "Mercy Falls" (2008), and "The Great Escape" (2010). It has been eight very long years for fans as they've awaited the arrival of the fifth full-length album from the band, but the wait is almost over! Seventh Wonder features vocalist Tommy Karevik, who also sings for the wildly popular power metal band, Kamelot.

Featured Tracks:

1. Arrival
2. The Everones
3. Dream Machines
4. Against The Grain
5. Victorious
6. Tiara's Song (Farewell Pt. 1)

1. Goodnight (Farewell Pt. 2)
2. Beyond Today (Farewell Pt. 3)
3. The Truth
4. By the Light of the Funeral Pyres
5. Damnation Below
6. Procession
7. Exhale