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Thirst Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 06 September 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Arising Empire


Vitja Thirst Limited Vinyl LP


The German genre hybrid VITJA from North Rhine-Westphalia blasts back with the powerful new album ‘THIRST’. A new era has begun. The cards are shuffled and the sound is clearer, more mature and more consistent than ever before. With a new frontman and new attitude the quartet sets sails for the top league. With previous album ‘MISTAKEN’ VITJA closed an era full of ups and downs and look forward with fresh energy.
‘THIRST’ is the name of the new chapter for this versatile and ambitious band.“’THIRST’ embodies finesse, brutality, sensitivity and internationality. A successful mixture that perfectly reflects our feelings and our drive“, the band says.

The songwriting began in the autumn of 2018. With 20 songs collected over the months in the band’s home studio which o characterize the new and unique sound of the Rhinelanders. The guitars were recorded in the Sureshot Studios by Daniel Keller. The vocal recordings took place in the Mega Blaster Studios by Timo Bonner (OUR MIRAGE), who also mixed and mastered the LP.

The first single ‘Back’ is musically very broad. The versatile guitar playing of Dontschenko, combined with Pampuch´s fast, rhythm-driven, paired with the individual basslines of Mario Metzler and the varied vocals of Gabriel Spigolon, creates a unique atmosphere that leaves endless room for interpretation. The breakdown interrupts the hymn-like mood and makes the entire song explode in fractions of a second.

For ’Silver Lining’, the quartet teamed up with his friend Carlo Knöpfel from BREAKDOWN OF SANITY. You're on a kind of time journey through the core genre. Concrete-heavy passages combined with a fresh, harmonious chorus.
"We wanted to write a song for the stage, just an extreme live song“, says Spigolon.

Featured Tracks:

Side A

01. Light Blue
02. Silver Lining feat. Carlo Knöpfel
03. Mistakes
04. Breathe
05. Instinct
06. Lost In You
07. Back

Side B

01. Silence
02. What’s Next
03. Those Years
04. Voices
05. One
06. Strangers

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