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The Winstons Limited Vinyl LP

by The Winstons

Release Date: 02 December 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: AMS


The Winstons Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

Psychedelic, progressive and "freak" attitude here is the Winstons: Roberto Dell'Era (Afterhours), Enrico Gabrielli (35 gauge) and Lino Gitto (UFOs) are the Winstons: the power trio "consisting of bass, drums, keyboards and vocals addicted to psychedelic and worship ancestral anarchy" Disk significant weight which is a candidate to be one of the best Italian releases of 2016. Nine tracks that blend progressive sounds and folk and that draw on full hands in the sounds of SOFT MACHINE and GONG.

Featured Tracks:
Nicotine Freak / Diprotodon / Play with the Rebels /... On a Dark Cloud / She's My Face / A Reason for Goodbye / Dancing in the Park with a Gun / Viaggio Nel Suono a tre Dimensioni / Tarmac / Number Number