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THE TRUTH Limited 180gram Vinyl LP


Release Date: 08 November 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Rise Above


PLANCHETTES THE TRUTH Limited 180gram Vinyl LP


New Orleans has given birth to a new monster from the swamps. Planchettes are the coolest ‘new’ band on the scene. Mixing elements of 60s garage/horror rock with Thirteenth Floor Elevators tinged psychedelic rock and a bloodthirsty feast of Cramps/Birthday Party shakedowns, they are set to raise some much needed hell in rock & roll circles.

Featured Tracks:

1. Snow Pig
2. Mourning Sun
3. Let's Last Forever
4. Wet Graves
5. The Truth
6. She's So Violent
7. Death In Bloom
8. Empress of Fools
9. Everyone Else
10. La Fin Du Monde
11. Angel's Wing