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The Trouble With Being Born Limited Vinyl LP + Download


Release Date: 30 October 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



THE GREAT TYRANT The Trouble With Being Born Limited Vinyl LP + Download

The Great Tyrant were a three-piece experimental rock band from Denton, TX active in the late '10s who released one full length album and a few singles to cult acclaim. On the eve of the completion of their second full length, 'The Trouble With Being Born', bassist Tommy Wayne Atkins unexpectedly passed away. The remaining two members of The Great Tyrant continued on as Pinkish Black, but 'The Trouble With Being Born' lay unreleased until now. Finally available as a limited edition LP and CD 'The Trouble With Being Born' is a killer insight into the genesis of Pinkish Black. Recommended if you like: Pinkish Black, Lightning Bolt, Zombi, Grave Pleasures, Author & Punisher, Deafheaven, Locrian, Fuck Buttons. Print advertisements confirmed for Terrorizer (UK), Metal Hammer (UK), Rock-a-Rolla (UK)

Featured Tracks:
1. Closing In
2. The Trouble With Being Born
3. Apple of Your Eye
4. Softly, Everyone Dies
5. I Don't Come Down
6. Handholder