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The Studio Albums 1967-74 Limited Vinyl 6LP Box Set

by Traffic

Release Date: 17 May 2019

Format: Box Set Vinyl

Label: UMC/Island


Traffic The Studio Albums 1967-74 Limited Vinyl 6LP Box Set


50 years after Steve Winwood jumped ship from chart toppers The Spencer Davis Group and quit the bright lights in favour of the countryside and jam sessions with Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason and Chris Wood we celebrate Traffic’s influential legacy with this stunning limited edition Island records studio collection. Boasting all 6 studio albums recorded for the label remastered from the original tapes and presented in their original and highly collectible ‘first’ Island pressing form (gatefold sleeves, pink eye labels etc), the set also includes a related and super rare facsimile promo poster for each album.

Featured Tracks:

Disc: 1

1. Heaven Is In Your Mind [Side A]
2. Berkshire Poppies [Side A]
3. House For Everyone [Side A]
4. No Face, No Name, No Number [Side A]
5. Dear Mr. Fantasy [Side A]
6. Dealer [Side B]
7. Utterly Simple [Side B]
8. Coloured Rain [Side B]
9. Hope I Never Find Me There [Side B]
10. Giving To You [Side B]

Disc: 2

1. You Can All Join In [Side A]
2. Pearly Queen [Side A]
3. Don't Be Sad [Side A]
4. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring [Side A]
5. Feelin' Alright? [Side A]
6. Vagabond Virgin [Side B]
7. Forty Thousand Headmen [Side B]
8. Cryin' To Be Heard [Side B]
9. No Time To Live [Side B]
10. Means To An End [Side B]

Disc: 3

1. Glad [Side A]
2. Freedom Rider [Side A]
3. Empty Pages [Side A]
4. Stranger To Himself [Side B]
5. John Barleycorn [Side B]
6. Every Mother's Son [Side B]

Disc: 4

1. Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory [Side A]
2. Roll Right Stones [Side A]
3. Evening Blue [Side B]
4. Tragic Magic [Side B]
5. (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired [Side B]

Disc: 5

1. Hidden Treasure [Side A]
2. The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys [Side A]
3. Rock 'n' Roll Stew [Side A]
4. Many A Mile To Freedom [Side B]
5. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone [Side B]
6. Rainmaker [Side B]

Disc: 6

1. Something New [Side A]
2. Dream Gerrard [Side A]
3. Graveyard People [Side A]
4. Walking In The Wind [Side B]
5. Memories Of A Rock N' Rolla [Side B]
6. Love [Side B]
7. When The Eagle Flies [Side B]

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