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The Reckoning Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 02 June 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: ADA


ETHAN JOHNS The Reckoning Limited Vinyl LP

Having achieved the upper reaches of success as a producer (Ray Lamontagne, Kings of Leon, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Laura Marling) the artist’s voice inside Johns’ head could not be quieted. His first solo record, “If Not Now Then When?”, released in summer 2013, was received with acclaim by fans and critics alike. For his subsequent record, Johns trades places behind the glass with long-time friend and collaborator Ryan Adams. The Adams-produced album, The Reckoning, was born on tour in the UK, Europe and the US, inspired by the landscapes of the countryside and snippets of life in each stop along the way. To precede the release of the record, Ethan will be playing across the UK

Featured Tracks:
1. Go Slow
2. Dry Morning
3. The Fool
4. Among the Sugar Pines
5. The Roses and the Dead
6. Talking Talking Blues
7. The Lo Down Ballad of James Younger
8. Black Heart
9. You Changed
10. This Modern London

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